Timo Weiland: Print Masters

Earthy fabrics create a view to remember.

Timo Weiland’s landscape of influence.
For spring/summer 2011, design duo Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein travelled to a Baltic Sea island in northern Scandinavia. “My family comes from that part of the world, so I have always been interested in capturing it in my work, ” says Weiland, who serendipitously bonded with Eckstein over a mutual love of neckties. (The two first launched a neckwear collection in 2009). Enthused by the area’s culture and seaside scenery, Weiland and Eckstein created two prints: one based on Scandinavian wallpaper; the other inspired by a landscape watercolour that Weiland had painted. The former became  a skirtsuit with a shrunken blazer over a sharp button-up , while the latter was used for a print dress – one of Weiland’s favourite pieces in the collection – paired with a long, hooded coat. “Their clothing has amazing prints and colours that they mix together,” say Michelle Rizzardo, owner of Vancouver’s Two of a Few, which carries the line (from $80 to $600, Two of a Few, oneofafew.com). MALWINA GUDOWSKA


Malwina Gudowska © 2011